Here are some of the gameboy accessories for you.All items are brand new and comes with warranty and receipt.I got many more accessories that have not put up yet.Can call me at H/P:93821820(Alvin) for enquiry,thank you.

Gameboy accessories
Stereo double amplifier + magnifier + light + joystick + big buttons + a/c adapter + rechargeable battery + link cable + carry case,all for only $38.
Gameboy color for only $115
Gameboy color set(7 colours to choose) at $108 only!
Gameboy worm light for only $9
Gameboy worm light for only $9.
ac adapter
Gameboy a/c adapter for only $6.
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Gameshark Pro
Gameshark Pro Versions 3.4(Latest version) for only $68.U/P:$99
GB Rumble Pak
Gameboy rumble pak for $29.
Gameboy camera
Gameboy camera for $58.
Gameboy Printer
Gameboy printer for $69.