Some Gameboy Color offer packages for you. Gameboy Color set(Made in Japan,NOT China),at $108 only.

Gameboy Packages 1:Gameboy color set(any colours) + one multi games for $138 only.Now FREE power adapter or Pokemon Gameboy Color pouchs.

Gameboy Packages 2:Gameboy color set(any colours) + one multi games + worm light for $145 only.

Gameboy Packages 3:Gameboy color set(any colours) + one multi games + magnifier + lights + carry case + a/c adpater + rechargable battery + link cable + hand holder + double amplifier stereo speaker,(Best seller)for $168 only.

Below are some of the multi games cartridges for Gameboy/Gameboy Color.

110 in 1(No repeats):With games like Pokemon Yellow/Blue/Red in English versions,Spiderman,Toystory,Winning Goal,Missile Command,After Burst,Final Fantasy,Solarstriker,Racing Damashii,Super Marioland,Seaside Volley,Burger Time,Castlevania,Bugs Bunny,Boxing,Snoopy,Pac Man,Mickey Mouse,Side Pocket,Duck Tales,Tetris,Dragon Slayer,World Bowling,Space Invaders,Tennis,Battle City,Shang Hai,etc.At $49 only!

62 in 1(No repeats):With games like Pokemon GoGoGo,Olympic Games 2000,Nettou KOF 2000,Fifa Soccer 2001,MS.Pac-Man,Spiderman,Y Noah Tennis,Dragon Slayer,Loopz,NFL Football,Shanghai,Space Invader,Spot,Tetris,World Bowling,Duck Tales,Super Mario Land,etc.Now at $45 only!(U/P:$55)

50 in 1(No repeats):With games like Sakura,Tetris DX,Mario Land 7,Game & Watch Gallery,Mario's Picross,Super Mario Land,Last Bible 2,Soccer Mania,Warrior,Zoids 2,Power Racer,Fire Dragon,Tennis,Space Invaders,Tasmania Story,Spot,Mega Mania,etc.Now at $45 only!

48 in 1(No repeats):With games like Streetfighter 2000,Sonic 5,World Cup 2002,Olympic 2000,Tinytoon Adventure,Kureyon Shin 4,Ferrari,Popeye 2,Rockman World 2 and 3,Snoopy,Spartan X,Spot,Tennis,Tetris,World Bowling,Cool Ball,etc.Now at $48 only!

25 in 1(No repeats)ALL 8 POKEMONS GAMES INCLUDED:With games like Pokemon Gold,Silver,Yellow,Blue,Red,Trading Card,Green,POKEMON STADIUM,Bonk's Adventure,Snow Bros,World Cup Soccer,Dodge Ball,Bubble Bobble,Pinball Party,Contra Spirits,Tetris,Side Pocket,Double Dragon,etc.At $58 only!

72 in 1:Metal Gear Solid,Dinosaur,Pokemon Gold,Final Fantasy 2,Super WWF,Pokemon Adventure,etc,at $48 only!

68 in 2:Rainbow Six,Yodastories,Nascar 2000,Fifa 2000,Pokemon Adventure,Pokemon Go Go,Bust a Move 4,etc,at $48 only!

Above are the some of the 'Quality'games cartridges that are 'NO Repeats' and very good colours.I have also some multi games like 25 in 1 with Gold or Silver Pokemon with other good games at only $25!

Many others multi games cartridges did not put up the lists.Interested,please feel free to call me for more enquiry,thank you.H/P:93821820(Alvin).

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