Here are just some of the many items I have.Click on the pictures and you will know more of the items on displays.If you do not find the items you needed,feel free to call me at H/P:93821820(Alvin) to find out more.Thank you.

Click me for some playstation packages.
Playstation latest models.(PS one).Click the picture to go to the PS Packages......
Comes with foot-pedal,vibration,auto-reloads,auto-fired,manual reload,two special weapons buttons,all games compatibles.
Panther 4 light gun-con gun with foot-pedal,auto-reload,rapid fire and vibration,compatible to all gun games.At $25 only.
Comes with foot-pedal,recoil(kickback arcade style)function,special weapons,all games compatibles.
Panther 5 light gun-con guns with foot-pedal,auto-reload,rapid fire and recoil(kick back),compatible to all gun games.At $39 only.
Adjustable position,rubber grip handle,real action vibration,gas analog pedal,hand brake,gears.
Ice Turbo vibration steering wheel for $69 only!!

US Sony Playstation 2 + one dualshock2 original analogs controller + PS2 step-down adapter for $758 only!Modified US set for $838.
Dancing mats with lights(6 LEDS),compatible with PC,good quality.
Dancing mats with light(6 LEDS)for $16.
Arcade stick with vibration,lights and turbo,slow motion functions.
Vibration arcade sticks for $39.
Gamars (PSX003) movie cards with play back control + powerful gameshark only $59.
Gamars VCD + gameshark for $59.
Dreamcast for $298 only!
Clicks on the Dreamcast picture to go to Dreamcast sections.....($248 only!)

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