Here are some of the playstation(fully modified) packages for you,remember the key are(The more you buy,the more you save,thank you.) PS one Packages 1 :PS one fully modified consoles to play all NTSC/PAL/JAP/US games,TWO original Sony PS one analog dualshock controller + video/audio cable + 5 games + power adapter at $258 only!

Packages 2 :PS one fully modified set to play NTSc/PAL/US/JAP games.One original dualshock analog controller + one standard vibration controller + video/audio cable + power adapter + 3 games,all at $248 only.One year warranty.

Packages 3:Modified PS one consoles + one original dualshock analog controller + one gun-con light gun with vibration + 3 games,all for $258 only!

Super Complete Packages :New prices for brand new(1st hand)Playstation(PS one).Modify to play all PS games.Comes with 2 analog dualshock original controllers,original step down adapter,30 blocks memory cards,10 games,all for $298 only!One year warranty and receipt.

Panther 5 light gun-con vibration guns at $38 only.Auto-reload,rapid fire,recoil(kick back),foot pedal,special weapons button.Very accurate.

Ice Turbo vibration steering wheel.Comes with hand-brakes,gears,rubber grip.Adjustable position and angles.At $69 only!

Moto handlers for playing motobikes games in a real feeling experiences.At $38 only!Mini steering wheel for $38 also!

Tornado controller for PS one.Normal playstation compatiable.Comes with silver and white colours.At $18 only!

Wireless dualshock vibration analog controller for Playstation/PS one.Comes with 6 exchangable analog sticks to suite your need.At $45 only!

PS one(Rechargeable battery packs).Now you can bring your favourite PS one with you along anywhere you go.Can charge it at your car.12 VAC/VDC.Plug and use,no need modification,one battery pack can supply to your LCD and PS one together and last 3 hours.At $68.

Full Colours LCD monitor for PS one.Just plug and play.Volume,contrast and colours can be adjusted.At $198.

Original Gamar VCD (PSX 003) adapter for Playstation series below SCPH 7500.Very clear and good pictures.Simply plug it behide your PSX,no need modifie anything.Comes with cheatcode(gameshark) function also.Now at $59 only!

Wireless(remote) arcade sticks with vibration,rapid fire and slow motion.6 solid button.At $52 only!

You are welcome to send me the packages that you want if it is not in the list here.All items comes with warranty and receipt.Machine for 1 year and accessoires for 7 days.Thank you.

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