Feel free to call me at H/P:93821820 (Alvin)(9am to 10.30pm-Monday to Saturday) for any enquiry.I have more than what I posted here,if you cannot find the items here,feel free to call me.NOTE:Sega will continue to produce games till end of 2002!

Sega Dreamcast US set now at $248 only!Can play all NTSC/PAL/US/JAP games.Over 300 Dreamcast games available in the markets now.

Sega Dreamcast Japan set now at $238 only!Comes with one original Dreamcast controller,video/audio cable.Can play US/Jap/NTSC/PAL Dreamcast games.

Brand new(1st hand)Sega Dreamcast US sets + original 56k modems(can surf internet using your normal Singapore ISP) + Web Browner CD 2.0 version + Demo CD + video/audio cable + phone cable =$248.Comes with 1 year warranty and receipt.

Packages:Brand new(1st hand)Sega Dreamcast US sets + original 56k modems(can surf
internet using your normal Singapore ISP) + Web Browner CD 2.0 version + Demo
CD + video/audio cable + phone cable + power step down adapter + boot disks + 10 games =$268 only.Comes with 1 year warranty and

I do repair too,repair will only be done when I confirm the cost with the owner.Means that I will call the owner to tell him how much it cost before repair it.Repair cost from $10.Repair can be done on the spot,within half hours times.Thank you.

I have a wide range of dreamcast accessories on stocks.Below are only some of them.Many others accessories available at good prices,feel free to call me to tell me what you need,thank you.

4mb(800 blocks) memory cards for Dreamcast.True 4 mb memory card without data compression.Gurantee no problems,no data lost.At $38.

Dreamcast controller.Comes in white,black,green,blue and red colours.Now at $28 only!

Feel every bite and every movement of the fishs by this fishing rod.Comes with strong vibration and reel and with analog controls.Now at $39 only.U/P:$65.

Amigo De Samba shaker for $45.Comes with the mats.U/P:$68

Dragoncast vibration arcade sticks with 6 buttons.Compatible to US/Jap/Europ/Asian Dreamcast sets.Comes with VMS slots and built in vibrations,rapid fire/slow motion up to the users.Excellent for fighting games.At $59 only!

Original US VMU.Comes in Black,White,Blue and Green colours.Can save 200 blocks of datas,play mini games,download save files,VMU grapics.US VMU at $38.Japan VMU at $29 only!

Original Dreamcast Keyboard for use in surfing nets,playing online games at $48 only.

For those who want to use Playstation controllers/steering wheel/arcade sticks on their Dreamcast.Selector switches.Comes with VMU slots and support vibration.At $39 only.U/P:$48.

3 in 1 Dreamcast adapter for using your Sega Saturn,Playstation or PC keyboard on your Dreamcast set.Vibration compatible.Now at $45 only.

6 buttons (UNO Fighting Pad)controller with built-in vibration(ON/OFF switch).Turbo fucntion and very light.Excellent for playing fighting games and other games that need more than 4 buttons.Now at $25 only!

Twin acrade joysticks with buttons each.VMU slots and built-in vibration.At $59 only!U/P:$78.

Pro-arcade stick with vibration.With VMU slot.6 button,turbo and slow motion function.At $48 only!U/P:$68

Treamcast light gun with vibration.Auto-reload and rapid fire.VMU slots.D-pad direction control.Very accurate.At $38 only!

Cyber metal gun with direction d-pad,auto reload,auto fire,VMU slots,vibration.At $45 only!

Original Dreamcast 56k modems,comes with Web Brower CD 2.0 version,phone cable,compatible for Japan Dreamcast set.At $49 only!U/P:$58.

Dreamcast (2 in 1) Gameshark CD with 400 blocks memory cards,comes with hundred of cheat codes.Can add/edit/delete the codes any times,can download savefiles/cheatcodes direct from website also.Can use to play both versions original games no matter your set are US or Jap.At $42.

Dragoncast steering wheel,comes with vibration and rubber grip.With foot-pedal and foot-brakes,hand brakes and gears.At $69 only!U/P:$75.

Get great shock from this rumble pak(vibration pak).Feel the action in the games.Get it now at just $25 only!U/P:$35.Two for $45 only!Comes with white and blue colours.

Blaze's VGA convertor,use your Dreamcast on your PC monitor.Enhance the graphics.At $35 only!

All console comes with 1 years waranty,accessories 7 days warranty.Thank you.

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