Playstation 2 US set(SCPH 30001) for $728 only!FREE PS2 power step down adapter worth $60.

Modified Playstation 2 US set(SCPH 30001) to play all PS1 and PS2 copy games.US and Jap.Original PS1 and PS2 US games.For $798 only!

Complete Super Packages:PS2 US set.Models:SCPH 30001 console + PS2 power step down adapter + video/audio cable + original Gameshark 2 + modification to play PS1/PS2,Jap/US games + 3 PS2 games,now at $888 only!

Original Gameshark2 + modification to play all PS1/PS2/US/Jap games for $168 only!

Please take note that now there are the PS2 US set:SCPH 30001 versions 4 that CANNOT be modify in the markets.Check the versions by turning the PS2 upside down and count the screws holes.8 screws are the CANNOT modify ones.10 screws are those that can modify,thank you.

Original Playstation 2 dualshock2 controller.Now at $68 only

Original 8mb Sony Playstation 2 memory card for $68 only!

DVD remote control for PS2.Now at $38 only!

PS2 multitap for $48.

Original Gameshark 2 for playing cheatcode.Also for using as the 'boot' disk for the PS2 copy games.Now at $88 only!U/P:$118

V-stand for those who like their PS2 to stand vertical.At $15 only!

PS2 dancing mats at $38 only!

Ice Turbo steering wheel for PS2.Both US/Jap can use.Comes with vibration,brake,gears,hand brakes,rubber grip,adjustable position.Now at $69 only!

(US English version)Onimusha is the best selling PS2 games.Get it now at $108 only!

The Bouncer is another famous US English versions games at $108 only!

Here are some of the PS2 recommanded games in stocks now:
All Star Pro Wrestling
Armored Core 2
Battle Gear 2(new)
Bloody Roar 3
Dance Dance Revolution 4th Remix
Dead or Alive 2
Driving Emotion Type-S
Dynasty Warrior 2
Eternal Ring(US RPG)
Fifa 2001
Fifa Soccer World Championship
Gradius 3 & 4
Gran Turismo 2000
Gran Turismo 3
Greatest Striker
Gungriffon Blaze
International Super Star Soccer(ISS)
Knockout King 2001
Metal Gear Solid 2
Metal Slug X
Midnight Club Race
Nascar Racing 2001
NBA 2001
NBA Hoopz
NBA Shootout 2001
Orphen Sorcerer(US RPG)
Quake 3 revolution(NEW)
Ready 2 Rumble 2
Ridge Racer V
Ring Of Red(US RPG)
Sky Surfer
Smuggler's Run(Top Ten)
Star War-Star Fighter(NEW)
Street Fighter Ex3
Summoner(US RPG)
Super Puzzle Bubble
Tekken Tag(Top Ten)
Top Gear
Unreal Tournament(Top Ten)
Victorious Boxers
WDL-Thunder Tanks
Winning Eleven 5(NEW)
X Fire

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